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More about Email Marketing Automation System

You will get a fully managed email marketing automation system with SMTP servers and complete DNS configuration. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to handle your email marketing system. You can focus on your email marketing campaigns and we do the technical work for you.

We use Mailwizz as email marketing application which is one of the best email marketing automation system. It allows you to manage all aspects of your email marketing, you can manage your email lists, email campaigns, you can see email marketing stats and reports. You can also add multiple SMTP servers, multiple users, even you can set hourly, daily or monthly email sending limits with ease. Email scheduling is one of the most powerful feature in this system, you can schedule your email marketing campaigns and the system will keep sending emails on autopilot mode.

We provide everything from email marketing system to SMTP server and DNS configuration, so you don’t need to do anything, just get this service and get your own email marketing automation system.

Once your email marketing system is ready, you are ready to warm up your server. Server warm up is very important because new servers are unknown to the world and if you start sending emails right after your first launch then the ISPs will consider your server as Spamming server and black list your IPs right away. Emails sent via a black listed server IP don’t reach to the inbox, instead emails will go to Spam which eventually gets deleted. We share server warm up guide to all of our customers and we also offer server warm up services at an affordable price.

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