3 ways to promote your affiliate links

promote your affiliate links

3 ways to promote your affiliate links

Promote your Affiliate links: Do many people ask about what online businesses can make them money? You can start an affiliate business without money, start to promote your affiliate links and make a commission. There are different ways of making money online but affiliate marketing is one of the most popular among all.

What is affiliate marketing?

Promoting other’s products or services for the sake of commission is known as affiliate marketing. All the major online brands and companies offer affiliate program so that everyone can get involved in their marketing campaigns and expand their business. Biggest examples are amazon, eBay and Ali express. They grew their business many hundreds or thousands of times with the help of affiliates. Without affiliate program they may have not reached at that level. On the other hand affiliate marketers make millions of dollars by promoting niche products. New brands evolve and create new earning opportunities for affiliate marketers.

How to start affiliate business?

As we discussed earlier that everyone can start affiliate business. There is no need of investment, office or hiring staff, you just need to have a computer and Internet connection. First of all you have to decide about what products and services you can sell. It depends on your knowledge about these products because you can sell more if you have good knowledge of these products.
Always start with a few products in a specific industry or niche category because selling a few products to a specific audience is a lot more easier than promoting a large number of products to everyone.
You have decided about the products you want to sell and your targeted audience, now you have to sign up to some affiliate programs so you can get registered in their affiliates database. We will share some popular affiliate programs at the end of the this article. Once you have signed up as affiliate, you can start promoting their products.

How to promote your affiliate links?

There are different ways to promote your business online. You can directly promote your products via social media, blog, forums, YouTube, Google, email marketing or you can create a website and show all of your products on it. It is better to promote your own affiliate website rather than to promote your affiliate links because it is more professional and effective. Moreover you can attract visitors to sign up to your newsletter and send them marketing promotions. You can get your own amazon affiliate website from there.

Promote Your Affiliate Links Through Social Media Marketing

There are more than 3.5 billion users worldwide who use social media. Facebook is at the top of the list with 2.9 billion active users. Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube also have more than 1 billion users. Social media websites are free to use and everyone can use it for personal or business purposes. You can add interesting images, posts, videos, animations or marketing messages on these social media websites. The more you are active on social media the more you can promote your affiliate links.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When we search any keyword on google, we see 100s of search results. Most of people click on the first 5 website links and these websites get 80 to 90% of traffic. There is actually SEO behind the top rankings. It is a fact that businesses spend lots of money to get the top rankings on google, because they know that once their website is ranked on top of searches, they will get lots of business. That is why SEO is one of the most effective ways of marketing your business. If you own a website then search engine optimization is must for you.

Email Marketing

Among the various digital marketing methods email marketing is the cheapest and most effective. More than 80% of small businesses still rely on the email marketing to get new clients and retain their existing clients. Even a non-technical person can send emails using Gmail or yahoo etc., but professional bulk emailing produces better results. There are many email sending services which offer automated email marketing solutions, there are others who sell targeted email lists and business leads so you can send emails by yourself using any email marketing software. You can buy targeted email lists from this website.

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