AI Email Automation: Streamlining Your Marketing Efforts in 2024

Email Automation

AI Email Automation: Streamlining Your Marketing Efforts in 2024

Sending the right message to the right person and place using artificial intelligence is known as AI email automation. The use of AI applications or software may make our work easier. In email, using AI helps you send the right message in a good format. 

Without AI, it is difficult for us to optimize send times. By using the power of AI, we can easily optimize send times and analyze past open and click rates. Additionally, we can calculate the success of our email campaign with AI email assistance.

Furthermore, AI helps you analyze customer data. Such as selections, purchase history, or browsing behavior, to deliver targeted and relevant content to each recipient. AI Emai Automation helps you reach your goal.

What are AI Email Automation tools?

There are several AI email automation tools, but we will discuss each in detail. The usage of these tools depends on our needs. There are different tools for analyzing, researching, title generation, spam score checking, and personification.

Personalized Product Recommendations

The first thing we can do using artificial intelligence is make personalized product recommendations. For that, we can use many AI tools, like Salesforce Einstein,, Emarsys, Marketo Engage, and more. 

These tools help you analyze customer’s data. Moreover, you can track customer behavior and create a successful marketing campaign. If you know Chatgpt prompts, then you can also use Chatgpt for this purpose.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Suppose you have a website selling products. If a person enters his cart and does not purchase anything, this AI system helps him recover his card details for the next use. It assists you in keeping track of and identifying clients who leave their shopping carts empty.

After sending bulk emails, the artificial intelligence system keeps track of user behavior on your e-commerce websites. It occurs when a user adds products to their cart but then exits the page without completing the transaction. Some tools are Klaviyo and Omnisend.

Identify inactive email subscribers 

Identifying inactive email subscribers using an AI marketing tool is an amazing idea for business owners. This will help you filter their data and send them different messages, like an offering message, that will attract them to your business. 

The AI websites that provide these services are and ActiveCampaign. You can also find some other sites where you can monitor engagement metrics. You can also find some Chrome extensions that provide you with this service.

AI analyzes customer data

AI also helps you analyze customer data; the tools used for this purpose are retention science and Emarsys. You can also use some other tools, websites, and software for this purpose. 

It helps you identify customers at risk of disconnection from your business. You can do this process after receiving a response from your email marketing. Then you can follow several strategies to recover your relationship with your customer. This is called AI email marketing.

Examples of AI email automation

The AI automation examples are mentioned below. They include sending welcoming emails with the help of AI, dynamic content, and Behavior-Based triggers. More options are available, depending on your choice. 

 Dynamic Content

While sending emails to your targeted customers, personalize email content based on individual subscriber data using several AI tools, like Chat GPT. If you have your customer data on an Excel sheet, filter out customers based on their locations. 

After that, research was done using Chat GPT and other AI automation tools to find the interests of people based on their location and interests. Then send different campaigns, which will boost your sales and provide you with brand awareness.

Birthday or Anniversary Emails

Using AI, you can wish your customer a happy birthday or any other event. AI sends birthday wishes to your customers. On your customer’s birthday, you can offer special discounts and rewards.  

Tools like, SendinBlue, and ActiveCampaign are used for this purpose. 

The first step for that is collecting customer personal data and filtering it out in Microsoft Excel. Use these tools to send them bulk messages. 

Welcome Emails

With the help of AI tools, you can send welcome emails to new subscribers. If you are using monthly newsletters on your website, there are many free AI plugins available that help you send an email to new subscribers. 

In email marketing software, you can make some settings, install plugins, and filter the data of new subscribers. Send them a bulk welcome email. All of this is possible because of artificial intelligence. 

You can also benefit from an AI email organizer tool. In Gmail, Outlook, and other email platforms, this helps you generate short responses to the customer. Which helps you save time and send messages instantly.

Benefits of AI automated email

There are several benefits to AI-automated emails. The first benefit is that AI-automated emails get more clicks as compared to simple emails. These emails are well-structured and based on research. Because sometimes AI works better than humans.

AI Email Subject Line

With the help of AI, you can write a good subject line with a 0% spam score. If your title has a higher spam score, then it directly goes to the spam folder of the client. So it is important to have a title with a 0% spam score.

The AI tools that are used for generating an email subject line are Encharge, Chat GPT, and more. With a good subject line, you can also edit your header section with the help of Copylime, an AI email assistant.

A/B Testing

Some AI email tools, like MailModo, help you test your email. It sends your email to check whether it goes to the spam folder or not. By doing so, you can easily identify errors and mistakes in your campaign.

Analyze Large Customer Data

AI platforms like MonkeyLearn assist you in providing analytics on large customer data sets. Humans are unable to analyze such a huge amount of data in a day. But artificial intelligence unlocks a lot of possibilities. 

With the help of AI email automation, you can send bulk Emails to your customers, which will enhance your business. Allow you to grow in the market and provide you with brand awareness. 

These tools are provided for you to learn about the importance of artificial intelligence   Whether you want to write a subject line, design email templates, do A/B testing, or more, AI is with you along this journey.

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