The Ultimate Guide to Email Subject Line Testing: Boost Open Rates

Email subject line

The Ultimate Guide to Email Subject Line Testing: Boost Open Rates

An email subject line is the title that appears at the top of an email. This title represents the subject of your message. In addition, it represents your message’s theme and output. So we can say that it was the first thing the reader read. 

Email marketing will play an important role in 2024, but without email subject line testing, it may be useless. It is because when you send a bulk email without testing the subject line, it may go to the spam folder of your client. In this article, you will learn about the perfect subject line.

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To learn about testing email subject lines, we will first discuss the significance of subject lines. As we all know, if the client is unable to receive our message in his inbox, our campaign has failed. So it is important to select a good title, instead of using spam words. 

Why is subject line testing important?

Before taking any action, a user’s first step is to open their email. To put it simply, the subject line is the first thing your user sees. Following that, he decides whether to open or ignore it. So, is it not an important thing? Indeed, it is. So email subject line testing matters.

The second thing is that most people open their emails on their mobile phones. On mobile devices, they only see the sender’s name and subject line. It means that to capture your user’s attention. So, you need tools for checking the subject line

If fewer people open your email, it can negatively impact your performance. And maybe it got a chance for your email to fall into the spam folder of the client. As a result, it is critical to use strong, non-spammy words.

The most spammy words to avoid include “cash, dollar, buy, get, purchase, guaranteed, and investment.” If your topic is similar to that, you can still send emails, but you must change your title. Changing the title allows you to send bulk emails directly to your client’s inbox. 

What should you test in your email subject lines?

The first and most important thing that you need to know is how to test the subject line volume. It helps you choose a good title. Several tools can help you generate a good title. We will discuss each one. For that, you need to perform an A/B test. 

Create multiple subject lines using two alternative themes, elements, or tactics, then analyze them in the form of an A/B test to find out which one works better as indicated by greater open rates.

top four free tools for email Subject Line Testing

There are tools available to help you test your subject line. Here is a list of the top 5 email testers that will help you test your email subject line. Some of them can be found on email marketing platforms. 

Send Check It

In “Send Check,” there is a search box at the top; you need to put your subject line, and it scans your title and tells you the spam score and how strong your title is. This tool is free of charge.


If you check your spam score on CoSchedule, then you don’t need to buy any email marketing software. It provides you with a heading score, word count, and the types of words that you have used.

Email Subject Line Grader by Net Atlantic

Email Subject Line Grader by Net Atlantic is a tool that helps you check your subject line with just one click. It also helps you find action words—those words that you need to replace. In this way, you can change the words into normal words. 


Mailmeteor email testers not only help you test your title but also help you find relevant alternate titles. It is free; additionally, you can sign in to get more benefits. These are helpful tools; additionally, you need to know about email marketing metrics

Enhancing Your Email Campaign

Some other websites will help you create and generate titles. You can simply use Chat GPT and other AI tools to generate titles. Then use these titles on these four sites to find which title is relevant and safe to use.

Avoid using spammy words like buy now, get it, purchase it, and more. These words are often considered spammy. So avoiding these kinds of words helps you convey your message easily. Additionally, email subject line testing will make your campaign successful.

After the subject line, your text should be engaging. The first two lines must be creative and engaging. You can also add a good design to your email template. Several free tools are available on the Internet that help you design templates.

With these steps, you can generate a good email campaign, which helps boost your sales. Email marketing will play a vital role if you learn about the top strategies and techniques. So stay with us and keep ready helpful blogs for sale leads. 

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