Knowledgebase (FAQs)

Why my emails don't get delivered?

Emails may not be delivered to the intended recipient if your mail server is blacklisted. A sending server or SMTP is often blacklisted if you send lots of spam or suspicious email messages. The best solution is to warm up the SMTP and then send to only verified emails.

How can I Improve my email deliverability?

Follow these practices to improve email deliverability:

  • collect emails organically or verify the email list before sending
  • warm up your SMTP server to improve your sender reputation
  • add “Unsubscribe” link in the email message
  • don’t use colorful and different sized fonts
  • don’t write in ALL CAPS
  • don’t use shortened url

What spam trigger words to avoid?

Spam filters are always monitoring emails, especially emails from new senders. If your email contains any of the spam words, it gets marked as spam and it won’t deliver to the inbox so avoid using these spam trigger words in your email title and message. There are a lot of spam trigger words but we are listing here top 50:

  1. 100% free
  2. Act now
  3. Additional income
  4. Amazing
  5. Cash bonus
  6. Apply online
  7. Earn money
  8. Be your own boss
  9. Extra cash
  10. Extra income
  11. Fast cash
  12. Financial freedom
  13. Cash bonus
  14. Free access
  15. Claims to be legal
  16. Free gift
  17. Click below
  18. Free info
  19. Congratulations
  20. Free money
  21. Dear friend
  22. Full refund
  23. Do it today
  24. Don’t delete
  25. Get out of debt
  26. Get paid
  27. Giveaway
  28. Guaranteed
  29. Increase sales
  30. Incredible deal
  31. Million dollars
  32. Fantastic deal
  33. Miracle
  34. Once in a lifetime
  35. For instant access
  36. Get it now
  37. Limited time only
  38. Promise
  39. Money back
  40. No age restrictions
  41. No catch
  42. Pure profit
  43. Risk-free
  44. Please read
  45. No gimmick
  46. Take action
  47. Urgent
  48. Winner
  49. Confidentiality
  50. Offer expires

How to warm up my SMTP server?

To establish SMTP reputation, you should warm up your email address. To do it send emails (from the email account you want to warm up) to all of your own email addresses (you@gmail, you@yahoo, you@hotmail, you@live etc), open the received emails, click the links in it and reply to the email. This way the ISPs will start trusting your email and IP address and your emails will start reaching the inbox. Keep this practice for 10 to 15 days and then send small number of emails (50 to 100) to an email list and then increase the number gradually. Don’t send emails which are not important.

How to reduce bounce rate?

To reduce the bounce rate, you should verify the email list before sending your email campaigns. This will ensure that you are actually sending to the real email addresses. You can verify your email lists by yourself using a free email verify tool or we also provide email verification services.

Is buying an email list a good idea?

It is really not a good idea to buy email lists but most of the businesses don’t know how to generate leads. If you are one of them then you should buy email list and use it for cold email marketing to generate qualified leads.

Why do I need an email list?

Email lists are required for email marketing because email marketing is one of the best way to connect with existing or new potentials customers. Email Marketing has more than 6x click-through rates then tweets or other social media posts. Also, email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter.

Are email lists illegal?

Buying email list is not illegal, but sending spam, or fraudulent emails or emails to hack the recipients can be.

How do I buy an email list?

You can buy email lists from our website in our Email lists shop. You can pay through our website or you can contact us via Whatsapp to place your order.

Is selling an email list illegal?

Buying or selling email lists is not illegal. There is no law in the United States that forbids of selling email lists.

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