How to add email to the safe sender list Gmail

How to add email to the safe sender list Gmail

How to add email to the safe sender list Gmail

As you know the importance of an email to go directly to client inboxes instead of the spam folder. But the question most of our clients ask is how to add email to the safe sender list. today this blog post will provide you details about Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo.

These steps are helpful for those who receive emails on their spam folders, and for those clients who complain about receiving spam emails. But before we begin let’s define why is it important for an email not to be sent to an Email spam folder.

Spam Folder of Gmail

Gmail uses a special algorithm to find those messages that are unwanted and look like spam, it filters out those messages and stops them from being in the inbox. As a result, your client will be unable to find important messages at the time. 

In short, the spam folder is a bucket or a dustbin, now one can pick useful things like your email. So, avoid using spammy words, write your email in a good format, and stop sending promotional messages all the time. This will save your email account.

Why Gmail Send My Emails to Spam Folder?

Most people complain about sending their messages to the spam folder in Gmail, this works if you use spammy words in your title. Gmail usually sends those emails to the spam folder which contains spammy words like “buy now” “get it now” 100% guarantee and other similar words.


The second reason is the new fresh Gmail account. If you create a fresh Gmail account and start sending promotional messages then it will cause problems for you, stop using promotional messages at least for seven days. 


The conclusion of sending emails to the spam folder is because of the spammy title, fresh email list, promotional content, and Emails with a lack of proper formatting. If your client clicks on your email as spam then in the future all your emails will go to his spam folder.

How to Generate a Good Non-Spammy Title for My Gmail?

The first step is to stop misleading, like if you say get a lot of money in one day, then most people can’t avoid using such words. Secondly, most senders use words like purchase it, best tools, etc. So, this tool may not be best for all people. 

Your title should be clear and easy to understand, according to lead generation experts if you use your recipient name in the title or the first line of your content it decreases the chance of an email falling into the spam folder. Additionally, you can use tools to test your email list as well. 

On the internet, you will find several free mail tester tools, that you can use to generate subject lines for your Email, Also you can get help from Chat GPT but make sure to test your email before starting a campaign. 

Also, many tools and websites help you test whether your email is sent to the spam folder or directly to your inbox. These are steps that provide you with an opportunity to learn and experience email marketing. If still, your client feels this problem then tell him to follow these steps:

How do I whitelist certain emails?

Report as not spam

To add an email to the safe sender list the first step that your client will choose is to open your email from the spam folder and click on “report not a spam” Once your client clicks on this your message and all future emails will show on inbox.

Click spam folder

  • Open your email
  • On the top section 

Report as not spam

Report as not spam

This was the first and very easy step that you and your client can apply to move spam messages to your inbox. This will help you get messages directly to your inbox without any problem. If your client does not find the message in the spam folder then follow the second step: 

Create a filter

When you first open your Gmail account on the top right section you will find a setting option. Click the setting option. Then click on see all settings. Click on create a new filter. There you can put an email of the client whose messages you want on your inbox. 

report as not spam

  • Click on setting
  • Then All Setting
  • Filters and blocked addresses
  • Create a new filter
  • Type email addresses
  • Filter Out 


This was another option you could choose to convert your message from the spam folder to directly into your inbox. All these methods are simple and easy to apply. Follow these steps to add email to the safe sender list. This method is for Gmail Account.

How to add email to the safe sender list in Outlook?

In Outlook you can easily add email to the safe sender list by following these steps: the first step is you need to tab on the junk mail folder which you will find on the right section of your homepage. Click on the safe senders tab and then click to add. You will find a domain box. 


On this domain box, you need to enter email addresses or simply you can put a domain name, it will appear on your screen and you can convert it into a whitelist or safe sender list. 

Click on the done or OK button then now you will receive your messages in your mailbox.


The same process will apply to Yahoo Mail but in this case, this system prefers the contact lists, So, if you want to add an email to the safe sender list then add emails to the contact list. For that tap on the address book, there you will find an option “New Contact” Here you can add new contacts.


It is important for you to send and receive emails directly into your inbox, if you have difficulty receiving then you can follow all these steps which we have mentioned above. All these steps are updated and will help you add email to the safe sender list.


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