SMS Gateway - Bulk SMS Sender Android App

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Send bulk SMS and MMS using your Android Phone and SIM


Turn your Android phone into bulk SMS and MMS sending machine. SMS Gateway is an android application which can be downloaded for free. You can send as many SMS and MMS as you need.

This android app uses your mobile phone SIM to send messages. It allows you to connect single SIM or multiple SIM mobile phones devices.

Download the SMS Gateway on your Android mobile phone, and install it just like an app. Give all the required permissions to make it fully functional.

Reasons to Buy SMS Gateway

  • Import bulk Numbers
  • Send MMS
  • Resource friendly and Scalable
  • Works in background
  • Long messages
  • Delay between messages
  • Tracks message status
  • Auto responder
  • SMS delivery reports


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Salient Features

  • Import bulk Numbers :- Upload CSV or Excel file containing cell phone numbers.
  • Send MMS :- SMS Gateway is also good for sending MMS. You can send simple text messages as MMS or attach media files with your SMS.
  • Resource friendly and Scalable :- SMS Gateway uses long polling to send the messages, it uses the Firebase Push Notification. This makes it lightweight and it doesn’t overload the server. This app also use battery very efficiently.
  • Works in background :- SMS Gateway works in the background even if your mobile phone screen is off or you are using other apps. That’s why you don’t need a separate mobile phone for SMS marketing.
  • Long messages :- This app allows you to send long SMS messages. You are not limited to 160 Characters.
  • Delay between messages :- SMS Gateway allows you to add delays between messages. This way you can send specific number of messages in a day.
  • Tracks message status :- You can see the detailed SMS sending reports in your app.
  • Auto responder :- You can add auto responses for any text messages.
  • Multi language support :- SMS Gateway supports multiple languages and comes with English and German.
  • SMS delivery reports :- It also supports tracking of delivered messages. You just need to turn on the delivery reports. It will mark the message as ‘Delivered’ when the message is successfully delivered.
  • Use multiple devices to send faster :- You can connect multiple devices to split messages between them when sending bulk messages.
  • Blacklist :- You can add numbers to blacklist to avoid sending messages to those numbers in next campaign. Subscriber can also reply with “STOP” to add their number in user’s blacklist.
  • Schedule messages :- Send messages on schedule.
  • Dual SIM devices :- SMS Gateway supports any dual SIM mobile phone devices.
  • Contact lists :- You can create contact lists and import as many numbers as you need. You can import Excel file formats.
  • Send message to contact list :- You can send messages to the contacts list.
  • Unsubscribe contacts :- SMS Gateway has the ability to allow contacts to unsubscribe from the contacts list.