Common Email Server Problems and How to Fix Them


Common Email Server Problems and How to Fix Them

Email marketing is the most famous and useful way to deliver your products and services. But most of the time, we faced email server problems while sending and receiving emails. These errors depend on the server you are using. But you can fix your server problems.

Email server problems are those that make us unable to send targeted emails. Common email problems include slow email delivery, lost and undelivered messages, and any kind of backup issue. These issues prevent you from effectively communicating with your audience. 

The causes of the issues vary depending on various situations. Always make sure to use a good email server for your services. This blog post will teach you about problems and their solutions. Here are some common email server problems.

Slow Email Delivery

Slow email delivery is a common problem among most people. In this case, the receiver is unable to receive multiple messages at the same time. It means that you can not get the latest update or send an offer at a fixed time to your client. 

When emails are sent or received slowly, it usually means your server is overloaded. Too many messages are waiting in the queue to be processed and sent out. Upgrading your hosting plan to a more powerful option with more RAM and faster processors can help relieve this bottleneck. 

Make sure to choose a plan designed to handle high email volumes. Additionally, if you are in trail base or using email server issues, try to contact customer support teams. If they are not responding, try to find these things.

These are five reasons why your email server is slowing down: 

  • Underpowered hosting plan.
  • Outdated server software.
  • Excessive spam filtering.
  • Huge message sizes.
  • Inefficient server configuration.

Slow email delivery slows down messages. Lost and undelivered messages go missing. Backup issues cause data loss. Server crashes halt email access. Spam filters incorrectly block valid messages. Full mailboxes prevent delivery. 

Authentication failures deny sign-ins. Malware infects the server. Hardware failures disable the infrastructure. Software bugs introduce glitches. Network outages disconnect email services. Configuration errors break functionality.

 Unauthorized access compromises security. Outdated software leaves vulnerabilities. Inadequate resources overburden the system. Natural disasters damage the physical setup. Human errors introduce mistakes. Third-party integrations clash. Upgrade complications disrupt operations. Maintenance tasks create downtime.

Trouble sending emails

  • Open the email settings form. This lets you see how the mail server is set up.
  • Look at the server’s name. Make sure it’s the right one. You can try sending a test email to check.
  • Check the server type. Is it set for the kind of server your server uses, like SMTP or MAPI?
  • Look at the port number. This helps emails find the server. Check if it’s the normal one or what your admin said.
  • Check the username and password. Retype them if needed.
  • Common errors mean the settings are wrong or the server is busy. Talk to your admin if you’re still having issues.

Lost and Undelivered Messages

If emails get lost or never arrive at their destination, it could be a configuration issue. Check that your MX records point to the correct mail server and that server settings are proper. Authentication protocols like SPF and DKIM should also be configured correctly to ensure smooth delivery.

Ways to fix lost and undelivered messages

  • Check MX records
  • Validate authentication settings
  • Test message delivery
  • Inspect server logs
  • Evaluate firewalls/filtering

Messages Stacking in Outbox

A backlog of emails stacking up in the outbox before sending often means the server can’t dispatch them quickly enough. Clear out old queued messages and install any pending security or software updates to free up resources for new emails.

Ways to fix messages stacking in outbox

  • Clear out old queued messages
  • Install pending updates
  • Improve server resources
  • Check for mail loops
  • Address bottlenecks

Domain Emails Blocked or Refused

Recipients refusing emails or entire domains getting blocked usually relate to DNS problems. Ensure MX records point to the right mail server IP and allow time for changes to propagate. Spam triggers can also lead to blocks – audit for spammy behaviors and contact ISPs to reevaluate your server.

Ways to fix domain emails that are blocked or refused

  • Verify MX records
  • Audit for spam triggers
  • Check server’s reputation
  • Contact hosting provider
  • Request reevaluations from ISPs.

Backups are Critical

Regular backups are important for disaster recovery in case of server crashes or hardware failures. Configure a backup solution and test restores from backups – with daily backups and monthly full backups kept off site as best practices.

Ways to address backups are critical issues

  • Configure backup solution
  • Test restores from backups
  • Ensure daily backups
  • Keep monthly backups offsite
  • Encrypt backup files

Email Send to Spam Folder Issue

Most people consider it a server problem; I have mentioned it here, just to give you knowledge. Your email directly going to the spam folder of the client is not a server problem, it is an issue related to your content. 

Before doing email marketing, make sure to do proper research. Write your title with non-spammy words. The spam words are buy now, get it now, download now, etc. So, avoid using these kinds of words at the beginning of the paragraph.

Email marketing is the way you can deliver targeted messages to your audience. If you are still feeling uncomfortable, you can use our SMTP server, and we will help you create a successful email campaign.

These are common email server issues and solutions. To solve these types of problems, always conduct thorough research on the current issue. After you have a solution, use email marketing tips and tricks to create a successful campaign.

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