CTV Advertising Insights for Marketing Mavericks

CTV Advertising Insights for Marketing Mavericks

What is CTV advertising?

With the help of internet-connected television, marketers reach their target audience by placing ads on television these ads are simply called CTV advertising or connected TV advertising. CTV ads are considered an alternative to traditional advertising on television.

If you have an old television in your home that is connected to a local cable, then the ads on your television are traditional. However,  those televisions that support the Internet to connect CTV ads are advanced; they have targeting and measurement features.

With these targeted and measurement features, advertising on CTV makes it easy to find the interest of users and show ads to the right people. The ads may be skippable and sometimes they are non-skipable. Help marketers convey their message to a huge audience.

How does CTV advertising work?

It works based on the user’s interest and location. When your customer or any person streams content on platforms or watches smart television, the ad network realizes his interest and demographics and then shows ads to him.

The main focus of any ad network is to capture the attention of viewers and readers. Similarly, in this case, you need to have a set that supports the internet and the CTV ad program. Those devices that support streaming, can also run these ads.

So, the first and most important thing is to have a television or streaming device that is supportive and can stream digital video content. With this, you can attract more new customers to your business and enhance your business.

CTV Advertising Vs OTT Advertising

First of all, we will learn about CTV and then we will move towards OTT to make our concept clear. OTT vs. CTV advertising based on research and examples. CTV refers to the ads that are delivered through smart TV via the internet. 

On the other hand, OTT refers to those ads that are delivered through streaming platforms. The CTV is shown on smart TV but the OTT has ads that can be seen on other devices that support streaming. 

What are examples of CTV and OTT advertising?

Examples of CTV advertising platforms are Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. All these are the networks that you can use to show ads on television. On the other hand, examples of OTT advertising platforms are Hulu and YouTube TV.

Which One is better, CTV or OTT?

Both help you convey your message to a wide range of traffic. CTV targets people based on their interests, demographics, and viewing behaviors. However, OTT targets its audience based on their behavior patterns and data.

If we explain more about CTV and OTT, then the CTV are the display ads or ads in the format of video. But in OTT there you will see pre-roll ads and specially banner ads. This difference makes clear about both networks.

In short words, those people who watch TV shows will see your CTV ads, and those who play games and watch movies will see your OTT ads. So, it depends on the type of costume you want. 

Those people who watch TV shows will see your CTV ads. Those people who play games and watch movies will see your OTT ads. Now, It depends upon you to target which kind of people. It is similar to a target email list, which gives you the choice to send target emails.

How Much Do CTV Advertisements Cost?

CTV advertising cost is not the same as mentioned on many websites, because it depends upon a lot of factors, Just as audience behavior, viewers, and many more. However, as a general calculation, it costs $20-$50 per thousand impressions. On YouTube TV $10 per day and in most cases it pays according to per click.

Different platforms have their own price range, but the focus of each platform is to give their users their best. You can do proper research about the pricing of each platform and the benefits of using the network for advertising. 

CTV Advertising vs. Addressable TV Advertising

As we discussed earlier, CTV advertising requires an internet connection. However, addressable TV advertising, which is also known as traditional advertising, does not require any internet connection to show ads; these local ads are pre-made. 

Traditional broadcast TV platforms and other platforms deliver Addressable TV advertising. Examples of CTV ads are Amazon Fire TV, and examples of addressable TV advertising are cable TV and satellite TV. All these are Local called local advertising.

Benefits of CTV Advertising

CTV advertising is best for you because most people have shifted away from traditional TV. If you target them, the first-mover advantage goes to you. After that, you can easily target your audience based on their behavior and interests.

It can track ad performance. So, According to us, it is not bad to choose this to get experience. But we aim to just provide you with valuable knowledge, it depends upon you whether to choose or not. We want your business to be on the top list.

CTV Advertsing Vs Email Marketing

CTV advertising and email marketing both help you to target new customers, however both have a lot of differences. In CTV ads you need to place ads on Television connected to the internet, but in email marketing, you need to build or buy an email list and then target your audience by sending bulk emails. 

On CTV you need to choose a program and upload your short video file to place an ad, the program chooses the type of audience to show your ads to, however, In email marketing, you need to upload your Excel sheet consisting of leads, to convert them into prospects.

In email marketing, you have a choice to get or build a list of specific types of people to show your message in the form of text, short video, or a direct clickable link. However, in CTV you can only create a video that the program will decide to show your ad to specific people.

CTV advertising is advertising through an internet-connected television. Markets use this method to target new customers towards their business and for brand awareness. It is different from OTT Advertising. 

It is important to connect the internet In CTV to display ads on modern television. If you are using the old version of the television then the ads on the TV are traditional ads. Those ads that you can see during the stream or playing games on supportive devices are OTT ads. 

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