Is Cliqly Email Marketing valid in 2024? Fact About Cliqly Email Earning

Is Cliqly Email Marketing valid in 2024? Fact About Cliqly Email Earning

What is Cliqly?

Most of our customers ask about Cliqly email marketing; they ask for suggestions on whether to use it or not. It is a program similar to MailChimp, but it claims to help you earn money by sending emails for ten minutes per day.

In this case, there are two kinds of users one who is using it for free and another who has purchased its premium version. But is Cliqly a scam? In this article, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Cliqly in detail.

Most users claim to earn $100 to $200 per day using Caliqy. Since 2021 the traffic on Cliqly has been increasing day by day. Earning on Cliqly depends upon the total number of clicks on your sent email.

 Is Cliqly legit?

Cliqly is real email marketing software. The interface of Cliqly is simple and user-friendly, on the top right side, you will see the login and pricing options. To send millions of monthly email lists, you can use Cliqly.

 But before going towards Cliqly email marketing, make sure to read this article. So let’s dive into the world of Cliqly, dear readers. The first and most important thing is that on this website, there is no option for you to send bulk messages to your customers. 

Instead of that, it provides you with a pre-built list, and you just need to send bulk messages to the pre-built list. When a person receives your message, you will earn money. Keep in mind that it is not a multi-level marketing scheme. 

Cliqly email marketing in 2024

Cliqly email marketing is simple to understand. They offer you a pre-built list; you just need to send bulk emails using this list. When a receiver opens your email, you will earn money. 

This program promises to give you more money gradually.

Cliqly email marketing is free of charge. However, there is an option to upgrade your account to get extra benefits. The fee to upgrade the Cliqly account in 2024 is $97. But at the beginning, you can use it for free.

Once you create a list on Cliqly they offer you to send this list to many users by using the Cliqly tool. After sending bulk messages you have to wait, Until you will get details about your payment. 

Facts About Earning Money from Cliqly 

To earn money from Cliqly, you must reach a $300 threshold, and you are encouraged to have others sign up and upgrade under you. Most users claim to earn handsome amounts from Cliqly, and most are not satisfied with this system.

When you earn $300, it requires you to provide your bank details, and you must sign a W-9 or W-8 form to receive your cash. According to Cliqly, when you upgrade your account, your earnings will automatically increase.

Another fact about Cliqly email marketing is that there is more traffic on the site. So it is difficult for you to grow in a free version; for that, you need to get a pro subscription to Cliqly. There is no guarantee to earn $300 in a day, a week, or a month with a paid subscription.

Is Cliqly a scam? What Do User Reviews Say About Cliqly?

Based on Cliqy email marketing reviews, it is not a scam; as we discussed earlier, it is legit. But it is risky, especially when you want to invest a huge amount to upgrade your account. Because it provides earnings now, but we are unsure about its earnings in the future.

On Cliqly’s website, you will find a lot of videos related to Cliqly’s earnings. Their clients are satisfied with their services. However, on the outside of the platform, you will see many positive and negative reviews. This means that on social media, there are many mixed reviews.

Most users recommend its competitors, like MailChimp, MailJet, and Sale Leads. Because, as compared to competitors, these competitors provide your list to target your potential customers. Always choose a safe idea for your business. 

Is Upgrading to Cliqly’s Premium Version Worth It?

Before buying the premium version, make sure to read the latest reviews from different sources. Overall, Cliqly is a legitimate website that allows you to send bulk messages. After sending messages, it gives you rewards. 

There is no option to withdraw less money; for that, you need to earn three hundred dollars. They also allow you to get the premium version for extra benefits. When you purchase its premium version, it promises to increase your earnings.

Email marketing on Cliqly provides you with a lower chance of earning because of the competition on Cliqly. There are more users. And there is less chance for your reader to open your message. That is why nobody 100 percent recommends using it.

In conclusion, while Cliqly is a legitimate platform, its efficacy and safety are debated. Explore the premium version cautiously and consider alternatives like Sale Leads for a more assured email marketing strategy.

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